Services We Offer

For a monthly fee, the CharterChoice Collaborative SFA performs numerous management and administrative services on behalf of its schools.

The Collaborative works to ensure compliance, maintain eligibility, streamline operations, and improve food service quality. Specific services are as follows:

  • Acts as the primary point of contact to ensure programs are running effectively and efficiently
  • Aids in the application process for supplementary food programs such as supper
  • Determines student eligibility by processing and maintaining all Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) Applications and provides assistance with the collection of applications in collaboration with schools
  • Monitors participating schools to ensure food-service staff is compliant with safety and serving regulations
  • Assists schools in creating time-saving and cost-effective food-service systems
  • Provides technical assistance and trainings¬†with food service operations start-up and ongoing operations from year to year
  • Ensures accurate count of reimbursable meals and provides claims information to CDE
  • Monitors contract provisions between food service provider and schools
  • Helps schools complete the Request for Proposal and contracting process with food vendor
  • Works with school leaders to promote a culture of health and wellness by sharing effective policies, practices, and resources as well as potential partnerships that support our collective mission of building healthy schools